Type 1 Diabetes. Depression. Anxiety. 

Nightstand Contents

1. Wooden Box- From a family member, now deceased. Inside is an assortment of jewelry, most of which I don't longer wear, but I keep because they were all gifts.

2. 2 Pen Holders.

3. 20 Pens.

4. 1 Tub of Wipes.

5. Candle.

6. Baseball Cap.

7. 2 books-

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child, by  J.K Rowling.

Fantastic Beasts, by J.K. Rowling.

8. 2 Notebooks.

9. 4 Bottles of Supplements.

10. 5 Prescription Medications- For depression and anxiety. Left over medications from when I have been sick due to a weakened immune system.

11. Old Vial of Insulin.

12.  2 Used Syringes- From when my pump sites have failed.

13. Trash- from changing my pump sites.

14. 1 Box of Pods- Tubeless Insulin Pump.

15. 1 box of Alcohol Wipes.

16. 2 Empty Boxes of test stripes.

17. Skittles- Old bag that I keep around for low blood sugars.

18. ipod.

19. Lotion- My all time favorite from Bath and Bodyworks, Eucalyptus and Spearmint for relaxation and stress relief, which I swear by.

20. Picture Frame- This is meant to hold a picture of my cat. I got it years ago but never put a picture in it. My cat died right after being diagnosed with diabetes, on the day I was supposed to be traveling out of country for a mission trip but had to cancel because of my illness. I don't know why I've never put a picture in it. Stuck somewhere is a card with his paw print from the day he died (it's also tattooed on my body) but I keep it protected, so it is not displayed.  He was getting sick and dying at the time I was going into diabetic ketoacidosis but he was there for me the whole time and I failed noticed the pain he was in but he never stopped loving me. This may be why I don't have a picture, it's an emotional topic, I love my pets as much as I love people but he particularly held a very special place as I grew up with his as my cat.

21. Basket- old school work and papers from doctors visits, and a pile of dirty laundry I let build up then shoved under my desk and out of the way. In the draw is a random assortment of junk/items that don't have a good place.