Contact and Submissions


Thank you for your interest in

The Nightstand Collective 

Instructions For Submitting Your Nightstand

I ask that you don't edit your nightstand, please leave everything just as it is. This picture is a raw insight into your experiences with illness, so leave it all there, all of it. These images are presented anonymously. 

I really love large jpeg file's. 

Ideally I would love the 4 items below, however, I understand that folks are working with different levels of functionality, so whatever you are able to send is super with me.

1. Please send me the largest image files that you can. iphone pictures are great if they are at the highest quality setting, or e.mailed as a the largest file size available.

2. If you have prescription medication bottles, please turn the labels away from the camera. I will blur out any that slip through. I want to maintain your anonymity. 

3. Write a list of your conditions, they will post as a heading to your nightstand, again this is anonymous.

4. Please write a detailed list of the contents of your nightstand, and any stories or connections to the items. Or how you use these items in your journey with illness.


 I am honored that you are sharing your nightstand story with me.

Thank you so much!