Emma Jones is an artist, writer, filmmaker, storyteller and social scientist whose work ranges from the natural world to the very human experiences of chronic illness. Born and raised in England, Emma has lived in the Pacific Northwest most of her adult life and the lush natural surroundings of the Olympic Peninsula informs much of her creative work.

With degrees in Acting and Sociology as the backdrop, her storytelling explores the depths of nature and human experiences in a unique way.

Emma began acting in regional theatre at the age of eleven and has performed in many independent films that have screened, and won awards, at festivals around the globe. This led to her involvement in film in several areas. Among other films, she Co-Produced the award-winning feature film documentary THE MEMORY OF FISH, currently making the rounds on the festival circuit. She is also the Executive Producer of a popular web series, SHIT HAPPENS. Emma recently made her directorial debut with the short film WAITING ROOM, currently in post-production. And recently, she stepped behind the camera for the first time, to begin shooting an experimental documentary called THE HOUSE ON THE BLUFF, which witnesses the eroding Sequim bluffs and investigates impermanence, global warming and the dreams that ‘home’ holds. This story is told from the unique perspective of the house itself.

Emma has spent much of her life navigating chronic illness which inspired her curiosity about how others make space for their illness, create tools for resilience, and most importantly make meaning of their illness experiences. Through her project, The Nightstand Collective, she explores the lives of the chronically ill through the intimate space of the bedroom nightstand, and the items we keep close in times of vulnerability. This work has recently been featured in Huffington Post UK, Mashable Social Good, The Mighty, West Journal, and The Italian Endometriosis Foundation.       

Articles and Interviews



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