Scleroderma. Lupus. Hypothyroidism. Chronic Hypertension. Infertility.



1.  Earbuds

2. Book- My Brother, by Jamaica Kincaid

3. Glasses

4. Hairclips

5. Tums

6. Synergy- Nighttime sleep aid

 Contents of the black bucket-

7. Icy Hot

8. Aleve

9. Benadryl

10. Neosporin

11. Pens

12. Pencils

13. Highlighters

14. Post Its

15. Bandaids

16. Nitroglycerin Patches

17. Pill box

18. Tramadol

19. Reading Light

20. Gauze pads

21. Heating pad


Jasminne Mendez

Jasminne Mendez is a Latino Book Awards- First place award winning author, performance poet, actress, and educator. She captivates audiences through the passion and energy of her words and voice. Mendez has performed her poetry in venues all over Houston, including the MFAH, Rice and the Alley Theatre. She has shared the stage with respected writers and poets, notably, Sandra Cisneros and Taylor Mali. Mendez has been published both nationally and internationally, and her first multi-genre memoir, Island of Dreams, was published by Floricanto Press. She is currently working on her second memoir, Thick Skinned, about her life living with chronic illness. 

For more about her journey with chronic illness visit her blog at

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