Pulmonary Hypertension. Chronic Migraines

pulmonary hypertension.jpg

Nightstand Contents


1. Kindle Paperwhite (with case)- for reading in the middle of the night or with a migraine. Book currently on it

Sing, unburied, sing- By Jesmyn Ward

2. Hearing aid charger - a newly approved treatment I tried might have had permanent hearing loss as a side effect. 

3. Water cup - for the handful of pills I take every morning.

4. Daily pill organizer.

5. Steroids - I pulled out a leftover half pack of steroids I had from my last long term migraine hoping it would help the two week sinus infection I’m fighting thanks to a compromised immune system.

6. Glasses - giving the eyes a much needed break.

7. 1 sock - my circulation is poor so I’m always freezing when I go to bed and end up pulling my socks off end the middle of the night. The dog probably hid the other one.

8. Oxygen tank - I’m not approved for oxygen at night but sometimes I use my tank at bedtime to ease the chest pains.

                                                                                                                Drawer Contents
1. Pills: As needed for migraines, pain, nausea, and sleeping.

2. Pulse oximeter - the nightstand is the least useful place for it.

3. Chap stick.

4. Eye Drops.

5. Various other toiletries and junk that is handy to have nearby.

"When you have pulmonary Hypertension, everything takes so much more effort so by the end of the day I don’t want to move. I’m really sensitive to the cold so my bed is pretty much where I hide out during winter. I keep everything I could need on my nightstand - if only there were someway to install hot tea bedside!"