Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

myalgic encephalomyelitis


1. Water

2. A few supplements and Rx bottles that don't fit in the drawer.

3. Morning weekly pill container.

4. Dixie cups because I have to brush my teeth in bed.

5. Picture of a loved one in a frame.

6. Lavender oil and room spray to help me sleep.

7. Lotion

8. Mug full of pens to write with, scissors, combs, thermometer etc.

9. Tissues.

10. Hand Sanitizer.

11. Necklaces, charms, angels, and other gifts from loved ones hanging on my lamp.

12. A drawing done by a child, loved one, on wall behind the lamp.


myalgic encephalomyelitis

Contents of Drawers

1.  Weekly pill reminders.

2. Medications.

3. Toothpaste.

4. The remote control to my adjustable bed- to help me sit up.

5. Alcohol swabs for weekly B12 shots.

6. Notebook to communicate with- it is difficult for me to speak.

7. Supplements.

8. Prescription medications.

9. Blood pressure monitor.

10. Journals and notebooks.

11. Mouthwash sits on the floor by the nightstand.

I have to keep my nightstand relatively neat so that I don't have to use any energy looking for misplaced things.