Lorie Novak Migraine

Nightstand Contents

1. Glass of water.

2. 1 mug.

3. 1 Coaster

4. 1 Container of alcohol- To clean arm for injections.

5. 1 Ceramic dish.

6. Steroids- for current 1 week migraine.

7. Sleeping pills- to counteract steroids.

8. Drawer filled with migraine medications.

9. Various strengths of medical Marijuana.

Lorie Novak

I recently wrote about the work of Lorie Novak on my blog . Lorie has been documenting her migraines with self portraiture since 2009, and went public with www.migraineregister.net in 2014. What is revealed is the journey that migraines have taken her on and how she adapts to their interruption.


Lorie Novak is an artist and Professor of Photography & Imaging at NYU Tisch School of the Arts and Associate Faculty at the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics. She uses various technologies of representation to explore issues of memory and transmission, identity and loss, presence and absence, shifting cultural meanings of photographs, and the relationship between the intimate and the public. Her Web project collectedvisions.net, 1996-present, exploring how family photographs shape our memory was one of the earliest interactive storytelling sites.

You can see her work here