Major Depressive Disorder. Fibromyalgia. Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Celiac Disease. Irritable Bowel Disorder-Constipation. GERD.

Major Depressive Disorder

Nightstand Contents

1. Remote for TV-bed ridden days are often, so I watch lots of movies to keep me occupied.

2. Remote- for my adjustable bed-I have to sleep elevated for my GERD and it helps my back and neck.

3. Packet of tissues.

4. 5 bottles of vitamins-Daily  Vitamins- Celiac Disease has caused me to be deficient in many.

5. Tile coaster- Made by my 6 year old for Christmas.

6. One bottle of water.

7. 9 Bottles of prescription medications-Sertraline, Trazadone, Lyrica, muscle relaxers, pain meds, medication for nausea from all the other meds, stomach pain medication.

8. 1 Glass Container.

9. 5 Pens.

10. 2 Pencils.

11. 1 Screwdriver.

12. 2 daily pill cases- 1 for daily prescriptions, 1 for daily vitamins/supplements.

13. Box of Linzess for the IBS-C.

14. Box of omeprazole for the Gerd.

15. 2 Books-On Celiac disease,I have recently been diagnosed

 Celiac Disease A Hidden Epidemic, by Peter green M.D.

The Gluten Free Diet, by Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

16. 3 Magazines- for days I am stuck in bed.

17. Adult coloring books.

18. 1 Journal- To write notes and appt reminders, fibro fog makes me very forgetful.

19. 1 box of Sees chocolates- my kids bought me because they know I love chocolate.