Major Depressive Disorder. Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

Content List

1. Himalayan Salt Lamp- it is said to reduce asthma symptoms and allergies. It is also a friendly source of light during the nights when my anxiety gets the best of me. 

2. Inhaler.

3. Glasses Case.

4. Daily Prescription Medications.

5. Art- Explore, Dream, Discover- Inspiration for me to find what I'm supposed to do in my life.

6. 3 Seashells.

7. 1 Worry stone- Someone gave this to me to use when I need something to feel and ground myself. When fits of dissociation and depersonalization come it is always good to have things you can help ground yourself with.

8. Fitbit Charger- I use my Fitbit mostly to track my sleep patterns

9. Stress Ball.

10. 'Hope Is Real' bracelet by TWLOHA-When I was in the psychiatric hospital the first time, one of the workers gave this to me. We had an agreement that I would say something positive about life every time I saw something yellow. I've had it for two and a half years now.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

11. Two Coloring Books- Doctor Who, and Stress Free Coloring book.

12. Bottle of Water- Hydration is key to keeping my body going, especially with a chronic illness.

13. Books- Managing Thought, by Mary J Lore

Hyperbole and a Half, by Allie Brosh

Man's Search For Meaning, by Victor Frankl

If You Feel Too Much, by Jamie Tworkowski

14. Notebooks-I have to write things down so that I don't forget them. Fibro fog is real!

15. Earbuds.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

16. Journal- My journal is how I get out all of my feelings on paper so I don't keep them inside.

17. 3 Stuffed Toys- Eevee, Pikachu, and Charmander- these stuffed animals are a sign of my youth. I sometimes snuggle them if my dogs are not feeling up to being held. They make funny noises too, so if I'm sad they are right there for a nice, quick burst of joy.


Ashley Krause has a blog about her experiences with depression called, Then Rose The Phoenix, you can follow her here

At 19 Ashley is already finding a powerful voice to advocate for those with mental illness, Ashley has recently had her work published on The Mighty, a narrative about the first moments of being admitted to a psychiatric hospital. You can read her story here


My Story

I thought for you to understand my story a little more you should get to know a little about my background! I am almost nineteen years old. I just started college this January, and I am majoring in Psychology, with a minor in Sociology. I'm hoping to help others with my experiences and that's why I'm going to school to even further that!

I spent a lot of my time growing up really struggling with multiple insecurities. I didn't know if I was good enough for anyone, even my family. I struggled with feeling like a burden. I still do sometimes. When I was sixteen, right smack dab in the middle of my junior year of high school, I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder. I was also diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder when I was just a little girl of 9. Looking back, I realized that I have struggled my whole life with depression and anxiety. I'm here now to share my story with you and give you my perspective on many different issues in the mental health field.

I recently moved to South Carolina with my mom and my puppies. I'm originally from Kansas City, KS. We have two German Shepherds and two Dauchshunds. Short of the family we have down in Jacksonville, FL, we are by ourselves. I am so excited for this journey I am on to unfold. I hope your'll keep reading (or start reading my blog) to find out what happens in my life. I am just as curious as you are.

Thank you for reading my story. I hope you enjoy my part of 'The Nightstand Collective'