Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease


1. Notebook- I am a writer. Sometimes brain fog keeps me from diving deeply into a story. Most days I collect story ideas, dreams and random thoughts in this or one of many other notebooks of various shapes and sizes. When brain is fully charged, I dig through and select the bits I need to create word worlds.

2. Pen-Purple ink please, because....purple.

3. Luna naturopathic sleep supplement I use them infrequently, but it is relieving to know I could if I needed to.

4.  Red sound machine- Sometimes I have no voice. I use the sound machine to let me husband know that I am upstairs when he comes home from work. It has goofy sounds, which makes it not pathetic.

5. A rock- Found during a great beach walk in Port Townsend, WA.

6. Buddha- I meditate here. (I also watch TV. Buddha and I like the same shows)

7. A hand holding a picture of a Whale-I am obsessed with hands and Whales- go figure.

8. Ceramic sleeping kitty- Discovered on a magical trip to New Mexico. I am smitten with my live kitty friends.

9. Water bottle-if water is not nearby, I forget to hydrate.

10. Book- When Things Fall Apart, by Pema Chodron. I use this like others use the bible. Sometimes I think of a challenge while holding the book between my palms. Then I open it to a 'random' page which always seems to have the bit of wisdom I need. On any given day the book may change to another Pema Chodron book or some other spiritually supportive book. Once in a while it's fiction because: TAKE ME AWAY!

11. Cozy Leopard blanket- no explanation needed right.

12. Art on wall- You can only see the bottom of it peaking out, but I have drawn my artistic process on brown butcher paper. It keeps me reminded that I have a purpose.

13. Built in bookcase- Books on writing, DVD's of fav movies and TV, my tablet computer and some random postcards that make me happy.