Insomnia. Chronic Migraine. Anxiety


Nightstand Contents

  1. Mirror- On top to reflect the sunlight/moonlight for when turning on the light hurts too much.

  2. 1 Piece of artwork.

  3. A globe.

  4. Oil Diffuser- For soft scents, soft light and a little bit of humidity to help me relax.

  5. 6 movies- Sound of Music, Footloose, Edward Scissorhands, The Wolf of Wall Street, Gatsby, 21 Jump Street.

  6. 1 dish.

  7. Nail file.

  8. Nail Clippers.

  9. Pencils.

  10. 1 notebook- for writing.

  11. 1 sketchbook- for doodles, art is my passion.

  12. 1 book-I have been meaning to read- Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley

  13. 1 Candle- that I can’t ever light so it functions as a bookend.

  14. pills- morning pills that are left out because I never remember. to take them.

  15. China gel- for tense neck muscles from migraines.

  16. 1 nightguard- so I clench my teeth less and hopefully have no more migraines.

  17. Eye mask for complete darkness.

  18. Headband/headphones for listening to dull podcasts to bore me to sleep.

  19. Weekly pill container for when I travel.