Insomnia. Chronic Migraine. Anxiety


Nightstand Contents

  1. Mirror- On top to reflect the sunlight/moonlight for when turning on the light hurts too much.

  2. 1 Piece of artwork.

  3. A globe.

  4. Oil Diffuser- For soft scents, soft light and a little bit of humidity to help me relax.

  5. 6 movies- Sound of Music, Footloose, Edward Scissorhands, The Wolf of Wall Street, Gatsby, 21 Jump Street.

  6. 1 dish.

  7. Nail file.

  8. Nail Clippers.

  9. Pencils.

  10. 1 notebook- for writing.

  11. 1 sketchbook- for doodles, art is my passion.

  12. 1 book-I have been meaning to read- Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley

  13. 1 Candle- that I can’t ever light so it functions as a bookend.

  14. pills- morning pills that are left out because I never remember. to take them.

  15. China gel- for tense neck muscles from migraines.

  16. 1 nightguard- so I clench my teeth less and hopefully have no more migraines.

  17. Eye mask for complete darkness.

  18. Headband/headphones for listening to dull podcasts to bore me to sleep.

  19. Weekly pill container for when I travel.

Honestly the best tool I've found is simply accepting that I have a chronic illness, and will for the rest of my life. I've learned that if you're constantly trying to cure yourself, you focus more on the bad, and miss out more on life. Acknowledging my illness has made it easy to manage my expectations and understand my limitations, resulting in less missed activities overall.