Idiopathic Hypersomnia. Major Depression. Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Interstitial Cystitis.

Nightstand Contents

1. Lamp.

2. Moisturizing Cream.

3. Photo strip of my good friend and I- They just got added to my nightstand a few days ago. My friend was visiting from another state, and we wanted to take a lot of pictures. We ended up going in the photo booth at the local zoo. It was so amazing having her visit, so I'm keeping the photo strip by my bed. It's just comforting to have it there.

4. Eight bottles of daily prescription medication.

5. Water Bottle.

6. iphone charging cord- my phone would be attached to this if I was about to go to bed for the night.

7. Change- I don't know how all of this ended up on my nightstand, but I don't have the energy to figure out what to do with it, so I just leave it there.

8. Paperclip.

9. Little metal shell that says, "Strength".

10. Charm for a necklace.

11. Random crumpled receipts- I probably took these out of my purse at some point. I don't want them here, but for some reason throwing them away feels daunting.

12. Pile of recent lab results- I must have left these here after my last doctors appointment. I like to keep them handy, because I always seem to be going to new doctors who want to see my latest lab work.

13. Pens.

14. Remote for my fan- This item is important to me. I am always really hot, and it's often hard for me to sleep without a fan pointed directly at me. I try to keep the remote easily accessible, so that I can quickly turn on the fan if I ever start to overheat.

15. Journals-This journal is one that I share with my Mom. We essentially write notes to each other in it. We pass it back and forth, so I don't always have it, but I do today. I have it on my nightstand both so that I can remember to write in it, and so that I can read her supportive words if I am struggling.


16. Several massage devices- I'm always trying to find something that makes my muscles feel better.

Inside Drawer

17. Thermometer.

18. Random papers- Somehow a lot of random pieces of paper have ended up in my nightstand drawer. I think I must have put them there when I was trying to clean my room, but didn't know where to put these papers. So, now they live in this drawer. I don't feel like spending my time and valuable energy figuring out what these pieces of paper are, and where they should go.


19. Laptop.

20. Purse- I take my purse with me wherever I am. So, when I'm in bed, it's next to me. I need it there because should I need something in it, it's usually exhausting for me to get out of bed to go get it.

21. Personal Journal- I keep my journal with me all the time, so that I can write in it whenever I need to. It helps me to work through things when I am having a rough time. I always make sure to have it next to me when I go to bed. I often wake up in the middle of the night with my mind racing, so I will write in my journal to get the thoughts out.

22. Empty Gatorade Bottle.