Hydrocephalus. Anxiety. PTSD. OCD. Chronic Migraines. Chronic Pain. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Chronic Joint Dislocation. Infertility. Asthma. Fibromyalgia. Kidney Failure. Floating Patella's. Chronic Nose Bleeds. 

Nightstand Contents

1. 3 Books- Life is so much better when you can immerse yourself in amazing stories & self help books. The current ones I am reading are:

Fuck Feelings: One Shrink's Practical Advice For Managing All Of Life's Impossible Problems, by Michael Bennett, MD and Sarah Bennett.

13 Reasons Why, By Jane Asher.

YOU are a BADASS: How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness And Start Living An Awesome Life, by Jen Sincero.

2. A Notebook- I'm in bed a lot but I have a great passion for writing and recipe development, so I am always writing in notebooks.

3. Coloring Book- Release your anger adult coloring book. I love these. Coloring passes the time.

4. Nebulizer- For treatment for my chronic asthma.

5. Tissues- Crying, sniffles, very prone to pneumonia, and more crying.

6. Hand Sanitizer- I have acute OCD, & keeping my hands, phone, & controllers sanitized makes my inner germphobe content.

7. Syringes- For the meds that I have to inject myself with. I am the only one that I trust to do this, and it never gets any easier.

8. Water- something has to wash down the 27 meds that I am taking.

9. Lotion- Hand sanitizer dries out my skin.

10. Penny the Penguin- holds up my phone to blast Spotify. Music might be the world's most beautiful ways to escape, for eve just a few moments.

11. Remotes- Hulu, movies, Netflix, Amazon, HBO, & especially documentaries.

12. 27 medications- shots, pills, inhalers, powdered medications.

13.  Emergen-C drinks.

14. My phone- My best friend, Casandra, suffers from chronic illness too. We talk everyday, & we rely on each other heavily on each other as a support system, fighting our battles together.

 My Coping Tools

Having PTSD led me to therapy, and I learned a lot of emotional coping skills. When it comes to physical pain...meditation, prayer, and maintaining a positive outlook on life help me cope. You never think the pain will end, or that you will ever be able to get out of bed and live your life....but it does end sometimes. People have to know that....pain can end.