Hemi-Diaphragmatic Paralyzation



1. Prescription medications mostly for pain and anxiety.

2. Tissues- Post nasal drip is my winter enemy

3. Nasal Saline Spray- Coughing caused by the post nasal drip can be quite painful.

4. Biofreeze for sore muscles.

5. Wine key and bottle opener- in case I want to drink in bed.

6. Glasses.

7. Glue Stick- for crafting.

8. Scissors- for crafting.

9. Burts bees lip balm.

10. Aromatherapy sleep spray.

11. Face wipes.

12. Nail file.

13. Massager.

14. Thermometer.

15. Notepad.

16. Pen.

17. CD-Given to me by a friend, I love Regina Spector.

18. Stamps.

19. Hairties.

20. Non-Latex gloves.

21. Checkbook.

22. A bracelet that a friend made for me out of an old spoon. It says STRENGTH on it. I like to keep it close by.

23. Toy person.

There is a draw underneath and in it I keep

23. TV remote controls.

24. Pens.

25. Notecards- I write a lot of cards.


My Story


I have what is call Hemi-Diaphragmatic Paralyzation. The right side of my diaphragm no longer properly functions. It remains elevated and does not move out of the way allowing the lung to fully expand. This is likely a result of infections I had almost 4 years ago. While I was pregnant with my second child, my appendix ruptured and by the time I made it to the hospital I was septic and had gangrene. I had an emergency appendectomy but I continued to get sicker and sicker. I contracted Strep F and a few other more minor infections. After another surgery to remove all the pockets of infection I was finally on the road to recovery. I went home with a PICC line and a wound VAC. After 4 months of wound healing I was doing ok. 


This past New Years while in Seattle I was very tired and became quite ill. Lots of vomiting, high fever. I really wanted to go home, and my doctors office thought it would be ok thinking that I had a stomach bug that was going around. I boarded the plane and things quickly went down hill. I began experiencing pain in my chest and my oxygen levels were dropping. The flight attendants became involved giving me oxygen and had the paramedics take me to the nearest hospital when we landed at our layover in Chicago. Turns out I was septic again and was suffering from very bad pneumonia. After a week there I was stable enough to go home (with oxygen) but I became quite ill again the day after getting home. Septic again, I was admitted to the hospital here when it was discover that I had developed an infection in the Plural Cavity that surrounds the lung. I was suffering from a Plural Effusion. The cavity was filling up with fluid and had collapsed my right lung. They inserted a chest tube to drain the fluid and after another week I was able to go home (with a PICC). It was during this experience that it was discovered that my diaphragm was not functioning properly. 


It has since been determined that the damage was likely caused during the first ordeal and the second only revealed it. It has also been determined that it is permanent. I do have some chronic pain that I am told is nerve damage from the chest tube.