Type 1 Diabetes. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Endometriosis. Asthma. Lactose Intolerant. Allergies. ADHD. OCD. Anxiety

Nightstand Contents

1. 10 Pens.

2. Notebook.

3. Planner- I struggle to sleep at night, I have pens and paper on hand to jot down my thoughts- also so I won't forget them because of ADHD.

3. Glass- From Venice- which I only use on bad days so I can treat myself.

4. Red Glucagon- In case of low BG emergency or for a mini-gluc.

5. Glucose tablets- I probably won't eat them- I would get juice out of the fridge instead.

6.  Five Daily medications- Lactaid, ADHD medications, anxiety medications, birth control, allergy medication.

7. Vitamins.

8. Lactaid Wrapper.

9. Melatonin- I struggle to sleep.

10. Glasses Case/Glasses- For when I am not wearing my contacts.

11. Continuous Glucose Monitor.

12. Water Bottle- I struggle to stay hydrated, so I am constantly drinking.

13. Unicorn Lamp- Just because it's fun and I love Unicorns.

14. Coasters I made from beer caps- Because I enjoy craft beer and crafting.

Contents of Drawers

15. Notebooks.

16. Lotion.

17. Kindle.

18. Books.

19. Flashlight.

20. iphone charger.

21. mac charger.

22. Charger for CGM and insulin pump.

23. Medical records.

24. Tax records.

25. Paperwork.

Mindy Bartleson

Mindy lives in Boston, where she is the Communications and Partnerships Coordinator for The College Diabetes Network. You can learn more about her journey, and her advocacy work on her blog https://mindydiabetes.wordpress.com/about/


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