Congenital Hypothyroidism. Functional IBS. Chronic tendonitis.Arthritis. Fibromyalgia. Syncope. PCOS. Severe Major Depressive Disorder. PTSD.

Congenital Hypothyroidism

Nightstand Contents #1

1. AM/PM Pillbox

2. Bottle of water- with easy sipper on top. I bought this from the gas station a few days ago but keep filling it up because there's little risk of                                                spilling all over myself if a tremor hits while I'm drinking (which happens every time I try using my Nalgene bottle).

3. 6 Books- How To Be Sick, by Toni Bernhard.

                        Happiness in a Storm, by Wendy Schlessel Harpham, MD

                        Stop Being Your Symptoms Start Being Yourself, by Arthur Barksy M.D, and Emily Deans M.D.

                        How To Live Well With Chronic Pain and Illness, by Toni Bernhard.

                        Surviving and Thriving With an Invisible Chronic Illness, by Ilana Jacqueline.

                       Chronic Babe 101: How To Create an Incredible Life Beyond Illness, by Jenni Grover.

 books from library. I order a bunch and then wait to pick up until most of them have arrived to cut down on excursions. This stack could take me a week to get through or (more likely) several months. I'll have to read them multiple times and take notes on my phone if I am to remember any of it.

Not pictured because I emptied my bag onto the couch last night and haven't redone it:
- Piles of PRN medicine bottles
- Purse organizer with backup doses, thermometer, mints, dry shampoo
- Two or three snacks to munch on when I can tolerate food
- Crossword books
- Journals

Nightstand Contents #2

Congenital Hypothyroidism

1. Lamp- with soft and lowlight bulb.

2. Bracelets- favorite bracelets.

3. Essential oils diffuser- been using Tea Tree lately and although it can glow in ten different colors I always keep the glow off.

4. Water Bottle.

5. Notecards- I painted with watercolors and I have been meaning to hang up around my room.

6. 2 medications- one sleeping and one anti-nausea.

7. Hearing aid cleaning kit.

8. Thermometer- to track ups and downs of temperature changes, usually hypothermic.

9. 1 pen- Favorite pen Pilot G2 0.38.

10. Google Cardboard VR viewer- I like to visit international landmarks or underwater.

11. 1 journal-Blue Moleskine dot grid notebook I record health diaries in.

12. 1 journal-Decorated college rule composition notebook I journal in from time to time.

13. Box of health supplies-Underneath the table I keep my "first aid kit" where I store misc supplies like creams, athletic tape, soft braces, band aids, instant ice packs and an XL heating pad