Chronic Pain Syndrome. Fibromyalgia. Nerve Damage. Thoracic Bone Spurs. Cervical Bone Spurs. 

Chronic Pain


1. Daily prescription medications

2. Inhaler.

3. Lip Balm.

4. Dragon figurine from Game of Thrones- to remind me to roar like a dragon no matter how sick I may feel.

5. Mini Dancing Groot Figurine- He is cute and makes me smile.

6. Harry Potter figurine- It is my favorite book and movie series.

7. Lotion.

8. Water bottles.

9. Two Tablets- I use one to watch TV, and the other for FB, E.mail, blogging, etc.

10. Pens.

11. Two Notebooks- One I use for everyday things that I need to remember. The Fibro fog is so bad, so I write everything down. I use the other one for ideas about my blog, or Facebook page.

12. Harry Potter Coloring book.

13. Coloring pens.


Chronic Pain

Second Level

14. Multiple water bottles- for taking medications, and the dry mouth that they cause.

15. Daily vitamins.

16. Pill Organizer.

17. Books- The Bible

                                                                       The Bipolar Handbook, by Wes Burgess

                                              Unstoppable, By Bill Nye

                                                                    The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

18. Maglite Flashlight-I keep handy for when the lights go out in a storm, or to take meds in the night so that I don't wake up my husband.

19. Basket- Under my nightstand I have a basket that I use to carry things when I go to the recliner, or the couch to try to get comfortable.

For more information about my story you can follow me on my blog, A Chronic Illness Warrior