Chiari Malformation. Multiple Sclerosis. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Content List

1. 3 prescription medications-I have debilitating nausea, sudden migraines, and chronic pain.

2 Pill Carrier.

3. Water Jar- I take a series of medications that cause dehydration, so drinking a lot of water is always super important, and I always have tons of drinks with me.

4. Tea.

5. Black Cherry drink.

6. Lip Balm- To help with the dry lips it causes.

7. Glasses- I have nystagmus which causes my eyes to move back and forth in a jagged pattern, so my glasses are always near by to help stabilize my eyes.

8. Planner-Because my life is so out of control with symptoms, and thoughts I find comfort in planning, so my planner is always near by.

9. Notebooks-To sort, write and make lists. Make sense of the thoughts in my head.

10. Salt Lamp.

11. Tissues.

12. Remotes.


13. 5 Books- Maps of The Disney Parks, by Vanessa Hunt

Color Therapy Coloring Book

Art Therapy Disney Princesses

14. Crayons.