Idiopathic Gastroparesis. Bipolar II. Sacroilliac Joint Dysfunction. Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Depression. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. Chronic Migraines. Celiac Disease. 

Nightstand Contents

1. Eye Mask- Got it at the best and cheapest store ever for retail therapy, Dollar Tree! Got this eye mask in this picture a week ago to                            replace the old one my beloved dog decided to eat. The one in the picture is better anyway because it's actually true, I cancel my days quite often.

2. Apple Watch- This little computer on my wrist was a game changer for me. Given to me by a friend for Christmas two years ago                               (nice friend right?). It reminds me to do shit like breath, take my medications/flush my port on time, how well I am                              sleeping, when I have a Doctor's appointment, and even when to leave for said Doctor's appointments based on current traffic. Amazeballs.

3. Alcohol Swabs- For cleaning stuff like my skin right before I give myself a SubQ injection of a vital medication for Gastroparesis.

4. Melatonin Dream Chews (small glass container with lid)- What chronically ill person DOESN'T rely, or at least try to rely on                                                                                                                   melatonin to sleep on occasion? And my OCD ass just decided to label the                                                                                                      bottle because ya know I might forget that's melatonin or something (read: sarcasm).

5. Lamp-I hate this fucking lamp. Ever since I watched "50 Shades of Grey," and learned what Anal Beads are, that's all I see when I look at this lamp now. (Note to self: Get new lamp)

6. Teal Wedding Ring Holder- I made this into a medication holder. Bought this overpriced ring holder at Nordstroms and I knew                                                              exactly what I'd use it for from the beginning considering that I am not married. PILLS. ALL THE PILLS. The prescription meds in the holder are my nightly meds.

7. Maracuja Oil- By the brand TARTE- This stuff is the ONE beauty product I can actually remember to use every night because well,                                   it's right there...on my nightstand. Also, I almost never forget because it's been a blessing for the skin on my face. It                                 is so moisturizing and really helps my skin soften up and not break out. Breakouts used to be a huge problem because my medications would throw my hormones out of whack and then I'd break out.

8. iphone 6- This phone is a metaphor for my diseased body. It takes 10 times as long to charge as a regular phone. Just as my body takes 10 times longer to recharge via sleep.

9. 3ml & 25 gauge syringes- I take several medications SubQ or intravenously so these syringes help me to deliver meds subcutaneously 4 times daily and then the PowerPort Syringes are in another drawer.

10. Prescription Medications-Having OCD means all my medications are placed in alphabetical order and the tops are color coded with                                               a sort of key or legend of coding that helps me ensure the medication I am taking is the right one at the time for the right reason. I am actually, and for some reason, ashamed of the number of medications that I am taking on a daily basis. They are all 100% medically necessary so I know all the other spoonies out there are telling me through the computer, "Don't be ashamed!" However, I live in a community in a town that stresses natural and holistic approaches so I do NOT keep my meds on my nightstand for anyone to see (funny though, no one else comes in my room except for perhaps a family member, like my mom), rather behind the nightstand and out of sight from a distance. Even my own mother feels there are too many medications so I keep them out of sight. On a daily basis, I take 20 oral medications, 1 subcutaneous medication, and 4 intravenous medications. That doesn't include the vitamins, supplements that I also take. The fact that I have a second lock box of several other medications below the medication rack in the background of the picture also bugs me. That unseen lock box contains all the narcotics I am prescribed and the schedule II/IIN controlled substances that I am prescribed. I would never want those to get into the wrong hands.

11. Nightstand-Then there is my lovely teal nightstand, the pillar, holding it all together and holding all the little necessities that I find important.