Arteriovenous Malformation. Chronic Migraines. Cluster Headaches. Indentations of the skull. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Insomnia. Anxiety. Depression.

Nightstand Contents

1. Nightstand- The dresser is an antique. it belonged to my Grandmother.

2. Jewelry box- cherry wood.

3. Baoding Balls- Chinese relaxation balls.

4. Buddha Statue- For good health.

5. Chrome robot piggy bank.

6. Dia de los muertos (day of the dead) themed pin cushion mannequin and jewelry holder.

7. 2 Journals.

8. 2 pens.

9. Kleenex.

10. Vick's Vapor.

11.Dia de los muertos hankerchief.

12. Red nail polish.

13. Chapstick.

14. Sanitizer.

15. Kindle.

16. Ear buds.

17. Shot glass- I got as a gift that says, "pick your poison", I thought it was funny considering how many meds I take!

18. Lighter- in the shot glass for burning incense- but I am out.

19. Multi-head low light table lamp.

20. Wooden Jewelry box.

21. Money Jar.

22. 12 prescription medications.

21. Benadryl.

22. Pain patch for emergencies.

23. Radiohead Album- A gift from my boyfriend. Radiohead is my favorite group and some of the best music to listen to, regardless of what mood you are in!

24. Curtains- I have black out curtains in my room. It keeps my room cool all year round and dark all the time. Something very necessary for my condition.

25. Eeyore- Is my spirit animal, and stays on my bed all the time.