Anorexia Nervosa. ADHD. Borderline Personality Disorder. Major Depressive Disorder. Social Anxiety Disorder. Insomnia.

Nightstand Contents

1. Lamp.

2. Kleenex.

3. Cortisone- I have sensitive skin that is irritated by almost everything. I will itch my skin till it is raw. I put this on to stop the itching.

4. Pill Organizer- So I don't forget to take my medications.

5. B12- I take this because I am deficient.

6. Two bottle of Melatonin-This is what I use to help me fall asleep. It no longer has any affect on me.

7. Charging Strip- for my phone, laptop etc that I use in bed.

8. Difuser.

9. doTERRA serenity essential oil-I put four drops of serenity and three drops of balance essential oil in my diffuser at night. Serenity promotes relaxation and sleep.

10. doTERRA Balance essential oil- To help calm the mind and relieve anxiety. I use both of these oils in the hopes that they will help me fall asleep.

11. Blue Spray Bottle-Contains water and essential oil that I spray on my pillow every night to help me sleep.

12. Ibuprofen- My muscles and joints always hurt.

13. Adderall Extended Release- Bottle with 'XR' on the cap- I take this in the morning to help with my ADHD.

14. Adderall-Pill bottle with 'A' written on the cap. I take this between 3-4pm to help with the ADHD symptoms once the extended release wears off.

15. Sertraline- This is the bottle with 'S' written on the cap- I take this to teat my depression and anxiety. I have been on this medication for a little over 2 years. I am on the highest dosage possible.

16. Trazadone- Bottle with 'zzz' written on the cap- I was prescribed this recently to help with falling asleep. It helped me fall asleep, but the side effects were not worth taking it. Now it just sits on my nightstand.

17. Nortriptyline- This is the pill bottle without anything written on the cap. I just got prescribed this to hopefully help me fall asleep, since I experienced the side effects from the Trazadone. I haven't taken it yet- hoping that it works with 0 side effects.


18. Journal-I journal daily to get my feelings on paper.

19. Fidget Toys- I use them to help with ADHD and anxiety, and they are fun to play with.

20. Headphones- I love listening to music, it helps me to cope with everything and distract myself if I am having negative thoughts.